Top 10 Benefits of Using Video Ads Instead of Image Ads on Facebook

January 11, 2022 by Ana

Are your Facebook Ads not converting as you’d hoped? One thing that’s been a GAME CHANGER with our ad results is using way more video.

Here are my Top 10 Benefits of Using Video Ads Instead of Image Ads on Facebook

1) Video ads help build the parasocial relationship, building trust and a relationship with your customer

2) Video ads get more engagement and shares

3) You can run several types of video ads: product reviews, product demos, promotional content, how-to, you can turn your best product/lifestyle videos into a 15–30 second teaser for product launches

4) Facebook and Instagram are moving toward more short-form video content. For this reason, video ads get much more engagement

5) You can build different levels of retargeting audiences based on the % of a video watched

6) Video is an excellent way to build trust and brand awareness

7) It can be consumed faster than a long-form post

8) Your customers are watching more video

9) Video ads convert well on mobile

10) Video conveys Huge amounts of information in a short time

Also, here is a list of the 8 TYPES OF VIDEO YOU CAN RUN IN A FACEBOOK AD

1) 15–30 second teaser video for product launches

2) Product reviews (User Generated Content)

3) Snippets from a Case Study or Interview you’ve done

4) How-To’s

5) Promotional Content

6) TikTok videos/Instagram Reels that performed well

7) Turn your best product/lifestyle photos into a video (higher engagement on Facebook)

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