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Launch Pro

Our Professional Launch package is our White Glove Done-For-You product launch service.

We help you market test and validate your product before going through a launch. We do all of the heavy lifting: audience building, marketing, design, management, and launch.

What's Included in Launch Pro?

Launch Pro includes everything you need to validate your product, build a community of qualified buyers, have a strong launch, and get your product out to the world.

Comprehensive Product: Market Validation

  • Your product will be validated (or not) before we begin work
  • Comprehensive market test to test how serious the market is about buying your product, your price point, who your customer is, and product: market fit
  • We will help structure and position your product to the best possible messaging that will appeal to your target customer

An Audience of Qualified Buyers

  • Prior to launch we will build up your email list. We do this through scaled Facebook & Instagram ads with an emphasis on micro testing to get the best performance
  • We structure our funnel, marketing, and ads strategy to focus on getting qualified buyers -- people that are serious about buying your product
  • We curate a comprehensive email marketing campaign to nurture and engage your growing email list
  • We curate a comprehensive email marketing campaign to nurture and engage your growing email list

Visual Assets and Website Design

  • We design, optimize, and maintain the Waitlist Funnel used for Audience Building
  • While you give us the photography, product renders, or any visuals, we’ll optimize them for marketing visuals used for Facebook ads and your Waitlist funnel
  • Full design of any assets used for Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Full design, creation, and build of your crowdfunding sales page built to attract and convert visitors to happy customers
  • A full set of social media posts and graphics for launch week
  • You retain all rights and ownership of any visual assets we design for future brand building efforts

A Full Professional Product Commercial

  • A beautifully designed 2-3 minute product commercial that converts and shares your brand story ( benefit)
  • A 15-second and 30-second teaser videos for social media, press, and any other advertising efforts
  • Full coordination of all video shoot details, including: script design & writing, actor & location scouting, voiceover, editing, etc)

Hit Your Goal in the First 24 Hours to Rank

  • With crowdfunding, getting momentum on the first day of your launch is the difference between success and failure, so we create a custom plan to rally your audience to purchase on the first day
  • Development of a pricing and reward structure to create scarcity and motivate your audience to take action early
  • When this is done, our goal is to have you hit your goal in the first 24 hours, be picked up by the platforms algorithm, rank on their website and get free traffic
  • When done properly, this jumpstarts your launch to go viral

Launch Promotions

  • First week promotions to rank and get free traffic from the platform
  • Complete strategy and templates to secure early product reviews and build social proof
  • A full set of social media posts and graphics for launch week
  • Strategy and templates for you to leverage your network
  • Consultation with our Author Marketing team to develop a custom plan for your launch and beyond
  • Access to our Guided Launch Program

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How the Launch Pro Service Works

We have a proven, proprietary process that will get the best launch results out of your product. We only work with 10 Launch Pro clients at a time to make sure we can make the process as bespoke and “On Brand” as possible for you. The entire process typically lasts 5 months if the entrepreneur stays on schedule.

Book a Strategy Consult

The first step, before you begin to market your product, is to make sure you actually have a product that will sell, and determine whether our method is the right one for you. To do this, you will speak with a Launch Strategist who will help you get clear on three things:

  • Your product idea
  • The audience you’re trying to reach (and how your product will serve them)
  • The objectives you hope the book will help you achieve (like building a brand)

Note that this is not a sales call. This is about determining whether you have a product that will sell and whether our company is the right fit to help you launch it. Our process does not work for everyone. If we determine that we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.

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