Indiegogo Crowdfunding & How Your Marketing Has To Change During The Current Crisis

Written by Luke Woodhatch on May 6th, 2020
➜ How Dan started his company through Indiegogo crowdfunding
➜ Crowdfunding, apparel brands, and ecommerce marketing during the pandemic
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For many brands, adaptation is an absolute necessity during the current crisis. This is especially true for some industries more than others.

Take Dan, for example. He runs a travel apparel company (that he started through a successful Indiegogo campaign!), during the pandemic, travel isn't in most people's minds right now. So he has to take the marketing for his ecommerce and adapt it to the current times.

In this video, I talk with Dan about his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, what it takes to be successful, and how he's had to change his ecommerce marketing messages during the current crisis.


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