Part 3: How to Launch Your Product Online
Written by Luke Woodhatch on May 1st, 2020
An online product launch can be a great promotion strategy because it can provide you with visibility and excitement for your product. In this video, I delve more into why momentum advertising is so important to making your launch successful and how you can get the most out of your campaign.

From day one of getting your business up and running, you should be focused on creating an event out of your product. Once you get started, you need to raise money right away to have the resources necessary to fulfill your first orders. 

You need to treat your promotion strategy like a lightning strike: Get press, get friends and family to talk about your product, and give people an excuse to be excited. It’s all about momentum advertising. If you simply open your store quietly, the money might trickle in, but you won’t be able to create momentum.

Think of it like a train. A stationary train has a lot of inertia. But once it gains speed it becomes unstoppable. The same principle applies to a product launch. The reason why you want to make sure you treat your launch like a big event is so that you become unstoppable. You can ensure sales and traffic from day one, from which you can then expand your business.

This strategy of momentum advertising works for any kind of online launch. So, how do you actually get orders from day one? People are most likely to take action if there’s an incentive. By offering special deals for a limited number of customers, you can create interest in your product. 

Momentum lies at the heart of an effective promotion strategy. Build a following and you’ll be able to get sustained sales from day one.


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Khierstyn Ross

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