Part 1: How to Launch Your Product Online
Written by Luke Woodhatch on April 26th 2020
Welcome to Part 1 of my 3-part Mini-Series "How to Launch Your Product Online". This Mini-Series is designed to get you excited to take massive action toward your product launch, as well as informed on the critical steps that will make (or break) your launch.

When doing a launch campaign, do you think about your target consumer? Or are you looking for whatever opportunity will allow you to sell your product? I find that there are two main types of goals that people have when they start to do a campaign and they lead to very different outcomes.

There are people who, on the one hand, are testing out their product to see if they can make it into a viable business. These people haven’t completely committed to the idea that their product will be successful, so they want to do a campaign to test the waters.

Then there are people who know they want to build a sustained business that reaches six or seven figures. These people have a product that they believe in and they have a target consumer who they want to reach with their launch campaign.

There’s a big difference between these two types of people and how they approach their business. When you know that you want to build a business to six or seven figures and you focus your effort on your product rather than going after opportunities, you end up making decisions based on long-term growth rather than short-term gain.

One important part of building a sustained business is finding the right customer that will get behind your product. What kinds of people will this product serve? When you can figure out your target consumer, you’ll be able to design a launch campaign based on that niche.

So, what’s your goal? When you answer that question, you’ll have a better idea of how to move forward.


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Khierstyn Ross

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