LS22 - How to get celebrities to endorse your Kickstarter Launch (without needing to pay them), with Jon Ng
Written by Khierstyn Ross on February 20, 2019
Would you like to get a celebrity endorsement or two to help fuel your Kickstarter launch and not have to pay them or give up any equity in your business?

How about 13 endorsements? 

Well, that’s exactly what Jon “Of The Chords” Ng did to raise over $300K on Kickstarter for “Lord of the Chords: The Punniest Music Theory Card Game in the World”.

While doing his research on how to launch a Kickstarter Campaign, Jon noticed a pattern:

A large percentage of campaigns that raised over six-figures had a celebrity endorsement. The problem was that he had no connections to anyone famous in the music industry and so had to “find another way” (as he likes to put it). 

In this episode, Jon reveals the L.O.R.D. framework he developed that enabled him to get 13 celebrity endorsements.

L - Locate

O - Offer an amazing gift… Something unique and relevant to your project

R - Record their reaction

D - Don’t quit when things go wrong… and find another way!

We also cover: 

* Jon’s Top Strategies for Locating celebrities and how to get past their “people” to meet them backstage at concerts
* What to Offer them that will make them go “WOW” and remember you forever
* How he recorded the endorsements for use in future product sales
* How he edited a video with those recordings to make “marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing” to grow his email list
* How he set up his Facebook Ads Campaign to build the email list...and what he would do differently if he was going to do it all over again
*The Classic AIDA advertising formula, and why the first “A” is the hardest.
*How he tactfully promoted his campaign on Reddit and got over 800 upvotes, without getting banned

Want more details on the LORD Framework? Check out Jon’s article on LinkedIn here:


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