LS21 - Want To Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate? A Product Landing Page Is Essential
Written by Khierstyn Ross on February 13, 2020
In this video, I talk about the importance of having a product landing page and how it can help you improve your sales conversion rate.

A landing page is basically a place where people can go and virtually raise their hand to say, “I’m interested in this product.” Traditionally, people will create an email list so that when they launch their product they have a place to send people who are interested. This is something they do in order to ensure they have sales from day one.

In order for your landing page to be effective, you should say right away what the product is. It should get someone to either leave or subscribe. Don’t distract them with side information. When describing your product and what you want someone to do, you should treat everyone as if they were a cold visitor. This information should all go in the header section. 

Looking at a client that I worked with, they were able to achieve a sales conversion rate of 40% with their product landing page. They had a high performing landing page because they made things as easy as possible for the prospect. 

Often, poorly performing landing pages aren’t direct. They may not have a product image or an obvious call to action. In order to truly be effective, your landing page needs to have all of the essential elements right at the top.

A great product landing page can mean the difference between a successful campaign or one that struggles to garner interest. By designing your landing page in a way that makes sense, you can improve your sales conversion rate and ensure a highly successful product launch.


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