How to start a wildly successful 6-figure physical product business & get your first paying customer in 100 days
  • Proven and tested 8-week implementation program
  • Video training, workbooks + swipe files
  • Community + weekly Q&A calls
  • ​Expert mentorship
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Introducing the Launch and Scale Program

The Launch and Scale program is a proven and tested 8-week implementation program that teaches you how to start a wildly successful 6-figure physical product business and get your first paying customer in 100 days. 

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Battle tested and proven results

The methods taught in the Launch and Scale program have been battle-tested and proven with multiple product launches and brands around the world.

Our work has created multiple six and seven-figure brands, and directly raised more than $3M in revenue using the Kickstarter model.
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The Mastermind
The perfectly engineered change agent
To start a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an environment
Proven Process
We turned the unknown gray area of how to start a physical product business into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable process. Our methodology has created multiple six and seven-figure brands, and directly raised more than $3M in revenue.
Expert Mentorship
Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people.  Our students get 24/7/365 access to both myself and my expert team via Facebook, weekly calls, and email.
Winning Community
It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the people you've always been with. Our students join a worldwide community of others on the same path so that dreams aren't laughed at but achieved on a daily basis.
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Program Content and Schedule
In just 8-weeks, we'll show you how you can start your own physical product business from scratch. Here's how...
Week One -- Fundamentals and Foundations

Module 1: The Road that Lays Ahead (32:26)

* Our main purpose and objective — “Perfect Storm”
* General housekeeping
* Important things to remember going into this
* Overview of what this program is about and what we’re going to cover

Module 2: Foundations first (50:23)

* The anatomy of a product launch
* The "New Model" of product launches
* Getting clear on your Desired Situation
* Getting clear on your niche, customer, product, and USP

Module 3: Switching to the "new model" (22:38)

*What to expect going into this
* Recap of the "New Model" of product launches
* Why you should start with a "hybrid" product launch model
* Mapping your product launch timeline
Week Two -- Switching to the New Model of Product Launches

Module 1: Setting yourself up for success (32:10)

* Why it's mandatory to build your audience before launch
* The 20,000 ft view of how we do it -- The Predictable Launch System
* The only things you need to start building your audience
* Keeping it simple and being receptive to feedback

Module 2: Crafting your offer (18:30)

* Crafting your offer and bringing it all together
* The offer equation
* Field testing your offer — the Message Hypothesis worksheet

Module 3: How we build our audience (32:14)

* Customer acquisition methodology
* Setting up your landing page and funnel

Module 4: Organic attraction methods (1:04:13)

* Organic attraction methods — how we’re going to use it to build up your audience quickly and for free
* The four stages of outreach — from stranger to paying customer
* Your network — low hanging fruit and quick wins
* Direct outreach methods — using Facebook and Instagram as network-building channels

Module 5: Influencer marketing system (1:30:18)

* Foundations of Influencer marketing - what it is, why you need it, and the overview of this module
* How to identify key and relevant influencers to build your media list
* Pitching and outreach - how to prepare and craft the perfect pitch in order to get the media and influencer attention your product deserves

Week Three -- The secret to turning your growing audience into hungry buyers

Module 1: Love on autopilot - email and content nurturing (32:10)

* The role content and email nurturing plays in your launch
* Engagement nurturing framework — how we convert someone from a stranger to a paying customer
* Copywriting 101 — Using the power of the written word to sell (best practices + real examples)

Module 2: Engagement nurturing framework (1:01:35)

* Overview of the engagement nurturing framework

* Your founder story

* How to create your founder welcome email sequence

* Removing your personal bias

* Setting up your first email automation

Module 3: Content nurturing - your brand content strategy (46:14)

* Content nurturing foundations — what it is and where it applies
* The six power posts that form the base of your content strategy
* Best practices — the #1 thing to focus on to simplify this process
* Mapping your content calendar
* Reactive vs proactive — time blocking
Week Four -- Facebook paid ads acquisition methodology

Module 1: Facebook gameplan (28:24)

* Setting yourself up for success: your proof of concept
* The code that defines your success
* Define your Facebook campaign objective and target
* Governing your numbers

Module 2: Unveiling the Facebook algorithm (25:00)

* Why everybody has Facebook all wrong
* Understanding the eye, and the and invisible hand
* How Facebook’s algorithm thinks
* Understanding initial conditions: 90% of your results rely on this 
* Hacking the Code: The missing key to healthy ads
* Variation: The secret to your Facebook advertising success and survival

Module 3: Getting Facebook compliant (22:50)

* Understanding the rules of the game
* Setting up your Facebook business manager, fan page, getting initial likes etc.
*Checklist for ad account survival

Module 4: Foundations of Facebook advertising (15:20)

* What Facebook advertising is
* When you should use it 
* Architecture of a Facebook ad
* Best practices when targeting, designing your creative, and ad copy 

Module 5: Facebook's pixel (6:44)

* What it is
* Why you need it
* How your advertising efforts are moot without it 
* How to install your Facebook pixel

Module 6: Putting it all together - creating your first ad campaign (52:47)

Module 7: Managing your KPI's and campaign performance (5:48)

Week Five -- Creating powerful photography and your promo video

Module 1: Litmus test for success (55:57)

* Your assumptions are meant to be tested and broken
* Resonance. The hidden killer of your product launch.
* Real world factors-testing

Module 2: Creating your photo library (33:29)

* Introducing: your photo library
* How your photo library will be used during your product launch
* Best practices — setting the bar high
* Asset list for your photographer (the checklist)

Module 3: Creating your product sales video (1:22:17)

* What is your product sales video and why do you need it
* What makes an effective video (best practices)
* Hiring a videographer (budget, talent, process, …)
* 8-step power pitch formula
* Other video assets to consider
* Key assumptions to test (avoid this expensive mistake)

Module 4: Creating your campaign sales page (1:57:03)

* What is your campaign page and why do you need it
* What makes an effective campaign page (best practices)
* Outline of a powerful campaign page
* Campaign unboxing
Week Six -- Pre-Launch build up

Module 1: Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Choosing your launch platform (32:03)

* What are Indiegogo and Kickstarter?
* The KEY differences you need to know to choose the one that’s right for you
* How you can use them together to amplify your results
* Committing to one for Day One

Module 2: Creating your rewards (1:00:00)

* What are rewards and what’s the difference between these and perks?
* Stacking your reward packages for a strong Day One
* The strategy behind your rewards (best practices)
* Platform specifics
* Let’s build your rewards

Module 3: 30-day countdown to launch ( 1:31:39)

* Protecting your launch day
* Your #1 goal — defining a strong first few days
* Preparing to win — an overview of communication resources
* How do you know you’re ready to launch?

Module 4: An overview of the launch phase (1:08:59)

* The sales cycle of your launch — introducing the Valley of Death
* Navigating your campaign from start to finish — the traffic game
* The last week of the campaign — going out with a bang + transitioning to post-launch
* Choosing your launch partners 

Module 5: Tying up loose ends (43:43)

* What to expect of the first three days
* Building leverage into your business — hiring admin and customer service help
* “Final OK” checklist
* Mental preparation
Week Seven -- Launch

Module 1: Framing a new paradigm (42:59)

* It all starts with one
* Managing yourself
* The Doctor
* Keep the main thing the main thing
* Overview of the product launch phase

Module 2: Week one (46:54)

* It’s time to play — being game ready
* Creating a wildfire
* Day 01-03
* Day 04-07
* Mentally preparing for the valley of death

Module 3: Conquering the valley of death (34:24)

* Overview of the valley of death
* Getting ready for the trek
* Your fuel and pacing

Module 4: Finishing strong and the transition to Scale (43:24)

* Finishing strong — promo strategies and best practices
* Transition to fulfillment — a look at the process and recommended software
* Backer communication — protecting your advocates
* Expectations transitioning to the Scale phase (Week 8)

Module 5: Masterclass: manufacturing, fulfilment, and shipping (43:49)

Week Eight -- Scale

Module 1: Serve your customer (32:20)

Transitioning off of a successful crowdfunding launch involves switching to focusing on manufacturing, fulfillment, and continuing to sell your product. In this module, we look at the timeline from your crowdfunding campaign to launching your product on your website. Also, we look at non-negotiable things to focus on to deliver on your promises and continue to build a referrable, strong brand. Also covered:

* Timeline to Scale and Market Launch
* These are the only 2 things that matter

Module 2: Brand building 101 (33:35)

* Brand yourself as a premium product so you don’t have to compete on price
* Organic attraction methods revisited

Module 3: Scale - behind the scenes of Jamstack's 6-figure market launch after Indiegogo (46:22)

* The transition after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and what are some key elements to take into when you're transitioning into e-comm

Here's a summary of everything you get
This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful.
Launch and Scale
  • 8-week training program
  • ​Workbooks, templates, and swipe files
  • ​Community and weekly Q&A calls
  • ​Expert mentorship
  • ​Lifetime access
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Nathan Chan
Maneesh Sethi
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