I help people launch products successfully on Kickstarter. 
Are you a product creator that's struggling to launch your product?

My name is Khierstyn Ross and I help product creators launch their products successfully using my predictable clients system.

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This is packed with tips and hacks I've used with to have multiple six-figure launches on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 
Hi, I'm Khierstyn Ross.
A full-time Kickstarter product launch strategist, Ironman, dog mama, and business owner.

In 2015 I began this journey when I partnered up with my first-ever Kickstarter client. Back then, I knew nothing. Our first product failed terribly.

But after that, we relaunched and we went from a $16,710 failure, to a $592,742 success story. 

Since then, I've worked to raise multiple millions of dollars in revenue on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with my clients and students.

That's just the beginning, I've helped my clients quit their jobs and create an e-commerce business off of the momentum their products have generated.
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It's an exclusive community of product creators and business owners that provides you with not only the INFORMATION you need to launch and scale, but the ACCESS to the people and resources to virtually guarantee your success.
How I Can Help You Launch (and Scale) Your Product
Our services and programs are designed to fit your needs and budget. 

Done-with-you program

Our Launch Accelerator is an exclusive community of product creators and business owners that provide you not only with the INFORMATION you need to launch your product on Kickstarter, but the ACCESS to Khierstyn and her team that virtually guarantees your success. Learn more here >

Done-For-You Marketing Services

Whether you need to build up a targeted email list prior to your launch or generate more sales for your existing product, we've got you covered. Khierstyn and her team cover services in: Audience and email list building, Facebook ads, project management, copywriting and email marketing. Schedule a time to talk to Khierstyn and her team about your product > 

1on1 Scale Consulting

Ready to scale your product or get your brand in front of more paying customers? 1on1 consulting is reserved for existing e-commerce brands generating at least 6-figures in annual revenue. Schedule a call here >
Some of our clients:
Chris Prendergast, Jamstack
Nathan Chan, Foundr.com
Maneesh Sethi, Pavlok