Preparing To EXIT Your Business W/ Joe Valley

November 10, 2021 by Team K

Even if you don’t think you want to sell your business just yet, this conversation with Joe Valley may be important for you to hear. After all, many business owners don’t think about exiting a business until they absolutely have to. And unless you’re prepared to make your exit, the process may not go too smoothly.

Just think about when COVID hit and there was so much uncertainty. All of a sudden everyone had to face the reality that at some point, it might be necessary for you to sell your business. And this can happen over and over with each new change in life.

But when you wait for a panic or for something to go wrong in your life before you prepare to sell your business, it complicates everything. As Joe Valley explains, exiting a business is like training for a 5K. You can perhaps get through it without training but with the proper preparation, the experience can be SO MUCH BETTER.


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