LS17- Treating your audience building like a political campaign, with Lisa Myers
Written by Khierstyn Ross on August 28, 2019
All the free advice on the interwebs can't compare to the actual experience you'll go through while bringing a product to market.

Lisa Myers recently launched Ceres Chill on Indiegogo. She hit her launch goal of $15K in the first 12 hours of her campaign, and how she did it was extremely impressive.

Ceres Chill is the world's first breastmilk cooler. As a full-time lawyer with two young kids at home, she had to completely bootstrap the tooling, development, and manufacturing.

And as you can imagine, this wasn't a cheap project.

Because her budget and time was tight, she had to think outside of the box for ways to get support for her campaign without breaking the bank.

Instead of throwing thousands of dollars at Facebook ads to build up her audience, she decided to focus on a resource she already had -- her network.

The weeks leading up to her campaign she focused on building up awareness and support through people that knew her and would help if she needed it. 

In this interview, we go through:

* EXACTLY when and how she communicated with her network ahead of time
* HOW she got their verbal commitment for a certain $ amount to pledge on the first day of her launch
* How she treated this launch as if she were raising money for a political campaign 

... And how she brought all of these things together to raise $15K in 12 hours.

What I absolutely LOVE about this conversation is that she systemized a way to do one of the most uncomfortable things: ask for help. 

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