LS14 - Why people buy results, not features
Written by Khierstyn Ross on August 09, 2019
In this episode, Khierstyn will delve into the wonders of leading with the results and how it can captivate, win, and sustain the right clients. She will highlight the difference between results and features and why the former is the real deal when selling your product online.

Finally, she will share a piece of important advice that will protect your products from becoming a mere commoditized product. Tune in and find out how!

"People buy based on emotion. People buy results." – Khierstyn Ross

"Lead with the result that the product gives in someone’s life." – Khierstyn Ross


1:19 – The things you need to consider when trying to market your product and the best way you can present them in the market
3:13 – The advantage of comparisons on premium solutions over comparison on price differences
3:56 – How you build a brand that stands out
4:44 – Why is it important to look at the impact your product gives to someone when you are facing struggles in marketing your product?
5:44 – What does “results-driven marketing” means and how it is advantageous for you

Khierstyn Ross

Khierstyn is a digital marketing consultant that helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their physical product businesses. She's built a reputation for wildly successful crowdfunding launches, having raised more than $3M for her clients has an impressive track record. Definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today by going to
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