LS11 - Finding the untapped potential in your audience, with Ryan Daniel Moran
Written by Khierstyn Ross on June 03, 2019
Are you hell-bent on spotting opportunities that can build a physical product into a million-dollar brand by building on the audience? Ryan Daniel Moran leveraged on the numerous social media platforms to build on the audience that will determine the right products to market and has already succeeded in growing different product companies into seven and eight-figure brands.

In this episode, he joins Khierstyn to give you a head start on how he did it. He shares how he utilized the churn and burn approach to identify the right product to market. You’ll also hear about his unique system which has been a very helpful tool in identifying opportunities and successfully launched products number 3 and 4 out of it.  

Further, Ryan highlights the relevance of pioneering a product and encourages entrepreneurs to welcome being copied and utilize the 18 months window to your advantage before getting imitated. 
Listen in and find out why you need to focus on the underserved and untapped audience in order to not just "launch and burn" but to launch, build, sustain, and grow your products. 

“What you sell is important but not nearly as important as to who you sell it to.”

– Ryan Daniel Moran


3:57 - How to build and market an eight-figure physical product by using a specific lens to build an audience.
5:46 - The importance of knowing your audience and what they want versus identifying what products to market.
10:24 - Identifying the audience within your control and why it’s relevant to have an audience who show up.
11:31 - What came first — the audience or the product?
16:20 - The churn and burn approach: How understanding what the customer wants helps identify the right products to market. 
19:41 - How to utilize the 18 months window of opportunity to your advantage before other marketers copy your products.
23:50 - Systems that you must observe to identify new opportunities, sustain the business, and grow the business. What role does the hero's journey play to inspire this system?
31:20 - The trend that you should be paying attention to and the question you should be asking when launching a brand.

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